They only accelerate hair loss” That’s right! these steroids that you are using to help you get buff and be active has a side effect that people that love hair gels, hair war and combs hate most of all. Hair loss, some people might think that this is just a small price to pay for the things that it can give but for some people, this is a deal breaker.

Hair isn’t just hair, it’s part of the style, the overall look that makes a man manly and sexy and a woman attractive and beautiful according to various standards. But don’t fret, hair loss using steroids isn’t actually for everybody (whew!) and for the people that are hit with this, find out more:

It’s hereditary: if you have a history of alopecia, if you take steroids to get buff you most likely qualify for this. What will aggregate this? By taking more and not just in small doses and constantly taking it but overdoing it as well. For women the effect will be the opposite, they will have hairs growing all over their body instead. If you love your hair so much then you need to think of a long term solution for it before it gets worse and the only haircut that you will every request your barber is a clean shave on the head.

Prevention: The best thing to do is lower the dosage, take drugs mildly or take alternative drugs that can cause less hair loss or can cause only at a very minimal. “Prevention is better than cure” this is always true because if you lose your hair you will have more struggles just to try to grow them back (unnaturally most of the time) or the worst case is to either choose, the hair or the muscle (choose wisely)

Alternatives: All is not lost, as much as you think that it’s game over there are actually drugs that you can take that have very little or no hair loss affects whatsoever. These drugs are a good breather but some might find these drugs lacking. But in a way drug interaction varies from one person to the other so before you shove off these drugs try them out first you might like actually like them.

Common drugs for hair loss:

  • Anavar
  • Dianabol
  • Trenbolone
  • Winstrol

The alternatives:

  • Anadrol
  • Clenbutrol
  • Dbal
  • Decaduro
  • Tbal75
  • Winidrol
  • Any CrazyBulk products
  • Anavar Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals
  • Dianabol Hi-Tech

The better solution: If you don’t like the alternatives, it’s either you stop or your hair gets it! Simple as that, but don’t fret there is still a chance if you have the money to spend on some artificial methods to get your lovely hair growing again. If you can’t stop taking the hair losing drugs here’s a good word for you. “It’s not the end of the world if you lose your hair”

Hair importance might vary from people to people but what you need to know if you’re experiencing hair loss are the measures that you can take in order to prevent it and even minimize it. If you’re not in a contest and you’re not in a rush in building your muscles minimize your intake, take the alternatives or just do it without the drugs.