Face is the index of the mind. Appearance speaks a lot about a person. The statement goes this way “First impression is the best impression” which everyone would have heard at some point of time in the life. Appearance plays a very important part when it comes to attending any function or in a job interview etc. People should make it a point to have a pleasing appearance when they step out of the home. Having a pleasing personality can make others happy too. A smile is perfect to finish it up with. Looks matter in all situations. When a person looks good, he or she feels good. There are many reasons one needs to look good. The first reason is to attract people, to present themselves good so that they can communicate to the public with confidence. Physical appearance also plays a key role in relationships. Many women face marital problems after having children.

Women who maintain their physical appearance tend to have a healthy rapport with their partner. A handsome guy or a beautiful girl can impress people. There are many things that they do to keep themselves fresh and beautiful. They spend billions of dollars and spend time in beauty parlor, undergo plastic surgery etc. to keep them attractive. All this is to attract the opposite sex and to gain confidence to face the society. Certain treatments like skin enlightenment, laser surgery, shaving, waxing; threading is followed by men and women nowadays to look good always. But there are few side effects that occur along with them. The immediate side effects include razor bumps once shaving is done. This can be annoying to many as it is irritating and it shows up. Men suffer from this every time after shaving their moustache or beard. It usually occurs around the more tender skin. People wearing collared shirt tend to get this rash due to friction of shirt material on the freshly shaved skin.

Razor Rash

Razor rash is caused when the shaven hair curls and again grows back into the skin. The body immune system considers it to be a new intruder and develops redness. This redness when left untreated can lead to pimples, fuss and small inflammations which can even lead to surgery. Shaving removes hair and skin cells. It is better to be careful while shaving, as this can clog the pores and lead to bumps. Shaving after a hot shower helps in a smooth shave. Any quick and jerky movements while you are shaving can lead to mishaps or scars which is not only scary to look at but also painful.

Mistakes while shaving

It is always better to choose the shaving creams with moisturizing properties as it can help shaving sessions be smooth and soothing. Waiting till the end of the hot shower helps in opening the pores of the hair follicles thus giving a smooth shave. Having an old razor blade which was not changed for weeks can cause shavers rash. Direction of the growing hair also is important while shaving. Applying aloe gel before and after shave can prevent shavers’ rash.