The only real regret is at the end. This old adage can even be experienced in the world of anabolic steroids. Now that there are plenty of miscreants who’d stop at nothing to make a quick buck, these individuals with malicious intent will even go as far as to serve you fake products. There is one main allure of these fake steroids – their price tag.

Many fake anabolic agents found in today’s market will have a lower price point than their legit counterparts. It’s very easy to entice people to buy something if the purchaser can save a few dollars on the purchase. However, that one purchase can lead to a lifetime of regret because we’re still talking about your health here. To help you stay away from such a predicament, we’ve compiled a quick list of tips and tricks on how to spot real from fake anabolic steroids.

Check the Company

There’s a great number of anabolic steroids that either sold in underground labs or on the black market. It’s because steroids are classified as controlled substances in many regions around the globe. Simply put, it’s illegal. Many false pharmaceutical companies will often use enticing medical-sounding brands for their company names. However, when you do your research, you’re going to find out that their brand name won’t correlate to any existing firm around the globe. You won’t find their office or laboratory address, nor will you find their online presence (i.e. website, social media page, etc.). If you can’t find any proper information about the firm, then chances are the product isn’t going to be legitimate.

Check the Expiration Dates

Even though the steroids you’re planning to purchase will come from a legit source, it can’t be stressed enough that you should always check the expiration dates. In fact, the expiration date is where many counterfeiters of anabolic steroids often mess up. These fraudsters will usually reprint most of the labels they’ve found in the original product, but they’ll often neglect the expiration dates. One of the reasons is because it takes an additional amount of time and money to do it. Some anabolic steroids on the market will have their expiration dates printed in tiny formats that it’s usually hard to properly replicate.

Check the Seals or Stickers

It doesn’t mean that many of the steroids you find on the market are illegal that there should be no degree of authenticity in them. Real pharmaceutical products should have a seal from the legitimate company that manufactured and/or sells them. Some counterfeit products will often use handheld equipment to place the seals or stickers onto the packaging of their products. Hence, these seals will either come out wonky or they’re not properly embedded into the container.

Check the Process of the Packaging

Many legitimate pharmaceutical products will come in either sealed single-use glass ampules (for the injectable formats) or tightly-sealed push-through plastic blisters (oral formats). Counterfeiters of anabolic steroids will often take advantage of using multi-dose vials or blisters with loose pills since it’s cheaper to do so than taking advantage of automated packaging machines.

If you think that the anabolic agents you’ve purchased are sketchy, and then do a test if your steroids are real. Always practice due diligence in checking all the necessary details so that you won’t acquire any more side effects than necessary.