While reading something in a forum, we may be confused while we see the word peptide. Most of the people are unaware of peptide. And for many, the word peptide is new to them. But, the following discussion will help those who had interest to know about peptides. The peptides happen to be the component, which were shaped by linking the number of amino acids which has the covalent bond in it. And by means of linking the amino acids, there are various types of peptides. They are:

  • Monopeptide
  • Dipeptide
  • Tripeptide
  • Tetrapeptide
  • Pentapeptide
  • Hexapeptide
  • Heptapeptide
  • Octapeptide
  • Nonapeptide
  • Decapeptide
  • Undecapeptide also known as monodecapeptide
  • Icosapeptide

All these types are based upon the number of amino acids lined to it. In Monopeptide has one amino acids, Pentapeptide means has five amino acids, and so on.  Peptides are classed as polymer mainly for reason that it typically links one another in a long chain. All living being in the earth are having peptides inside their body, also peptides are sometimes termed as the building block of life. If the peptide chain becomes long, then it turns into proteins. Proteins and the peptides makes up various possibilities and many biologists spend years on searching for the attributes of very simple proteins and the peptides for some additional details on how the body really works.

Whenever discussing about peptides, lots and lots of scientific terminologies have tend to be thrown around. The research about Melanotan 2 forum is under discussion to help in skin disease.  This helps somehow to know the terms precisely various term means. As said earlier, the peptides are mainly formed by the covalent bond and the covalent bond is the type of chemical bond that arises when the atoms share the electrons. The specific type of covalent bond formed in the peptides are known as amide bond or the peptide bond and this is mainly formed suddenly when the carboxyl group of one amino acid attached to another one. But, you may ask what does carboxyl group means. This is the group which is formed from the bunch of oxygen, hydrogen, and the carbon molecules while you are curious about it.

The classification of the peptides as polymer is complex to people. While most of the people thought about plastic while talking about the term polymer in chemistry. But, in chemical term the polymer is the sort of repeating chain connected with the covalent bond. Polymers are termed as a complex term when one imagines about it.

The peptide helps in wide range of functions in the body, mainly depends on which the amino acids are involved. As we said earlier, the peptides become protein when it becomes long. But, if we examine that the dividing line between the protein and the peptide, it is just a fluid. But, what is the difference between the peptide and protein is, the proteins are much denser that the peptide, because it is so longer and large number of proteins are folded into the complex structure in order to accommodate all their amino acids.