Having a slim figure and a gorgeous body is everyone’s dream. Many people have taken the initiative to look their best while some still need a motivation to go down that route. But the problem is not that. While there are a lot of ways to lose weight without spending a fortune, it is sad that people think that going to a good gym is the only way to lose weight which is not all true. Walking is one of the best things that one could do to lose weight.weight loss aids

After all, one can walk any time of the day and there are no equipment needed to experience Weight Loss by Walking. And more than everything, it is free of cost to walk and there are no definite requirements for that. Hence considering walking as an option for weight loss is good. But if walking is the route taken for weight loss, there are certain things to be kept in mind and they are listed below.

Rules to consider while contemplating walking for weight loss:

  1. If you are a person who has a relatively sedentary lifestyle, it is good to have a slow start. So, start walking three or four times a week for ten to fifteen minutes a day. However, do not stop at that. The intensity of the exercise has to increase progressively. So after a few days, increase the frequency to five or six times a week and time to thirty to forty five minutes a day. It may be difficult in the starting to get accustomed to the new routine but do not stop or find a silly excuse to skip a session.
  2. Walking is definitely a fat burner. But the number of calories burnt by walking depends o the pace at which a person walks. By walking slowly one can burn around half a calorie per minute or forty five calories per half an hour. But if the walking is done fast, around five calories per minute can be burnt which amounts to 150 kilo calories per hour. It can be observed from the numbers that fast walking has a lot of benefits.
  3. To increase the pace of walking, one has to cover more distance in a short time by taking more steps rather than increasing the distance covered by a single step. This helps in burning calories fast. To help walk fast, one has to swing the hands back and forth and not keep it joint with the body.
  4. Although walking can be done in any time, it is better to walk in the morning rather than any other time of the day. This is because our bodies will be a little starved after 8-12 hours of sleep. Hence the body will work harder to burn calories.
  5. While attempting Weight Loss by Walking, it is important to consume a lot of water. One can also take L-Carnitine to help with weight loss.


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