Tea is the oldest kind of beverage known to man. While there, are other beverages that came later and are beneficial too but are not as popular as tea. The reason for that being that tea provides us with many benefits that other beverages could not supply. While for other, tea is love. They simply cannot live without out. The taste of coffee is much better than the taste of tea yet tea is the one preferred for coffee. This is solely because the content of caffeine in coffee is much higher than that of coffee. Too much caffeine is injurious to health. Hence, if you are a tea lover then stick to it in the matter what. To keep the continuity of you tea consumption here are the popular types of tea varieties that can interest you.

Black tea

This is the common type of tea that are available wide irrespective of the place you are in. this tea is known as red tea in China. The tea leaves are fermented by oxidizing it in the sun. Due to this, the water in the leaves evaporates and absorbs oxygen from the atmosphere. This makes the tea antioxidant and is helpful for the body. This tea undergoes full oxidation and hence the color of it black or in some case brown. However, the tastes of both are incredible.

Green tea

Green tea is not fully oxidized. In fact, after the tree leaves are picked up they are slightly withered. The leaves when brewed at a lower temperature hence contain less caffeine, which is very good for health. The green tea is recommended widely as a supplement to good health. The consumption of green tea is done on the regular then they are very beneficial for health. Since the tea leaves are not oxidized completely hence the tea is more likely to have that green color.

Oolong tea

 This tea is also known as Wulong tea and is made in China. This tea is hence quite popular in China. This tea is made through partial oxidation. These teas are heat-trapped to prevent further oxidation. The semi-oxidation is what makes the tea taste that. This tea is not as robust as black tea and not as soft as green tea.

Herbal tea

These teas are not made from any tree leaves. They are constructed from herbs, flowers, and other plants. The choice of the plant defines its flavor and tastes. Since this tea isn’t made from the tea leaves and made from plants and herbs that do not contain caffeine this tea is caffeine free. This tea is a solution to people having a dietary restriction.


The type of tea depends on the time of oxidation the tree leaves underwent. This is what shapes the tea to what is given above. Other flavors like amla make the green tree more beneficial and worth trying.