Cryotherapy is of two types, one is the Whole Body Cryotherapy or WBC and the other is local application cryotherapy. WBC is used for the complete body well being while local application is for certain painful areas of the body. Local application cryotherapy involves subjecting that part of the body for which you are seeking treatment to very low levels of temperature using gasiform nitrogen. The blood vessels of the body part constrict due to the low temperature and this causes more blood circulation in the area. As the part gets more nutrients and oxygen because of increased blood circulation, it gets healed with the help of localized cryotherapy at Advanced Cryo Nyc Clinic.

Local application cryotherapy is useful in a number of conditions:

Chronic pain: It can be caused due to several reasons, stiff joints, over-worked bones or even illnesses. Generally, doctors advise pain killers for chronic pain but it seldom brings about any relief nor is it a permanent solution. But local application cryotherapy can be effective in not only reducing chronic pain but it can prevent the pain from occurring altogether.


Arthritis: Excruciating joint pain is a main symptom of arthritis. It can cause lot of discomfort and the pain will be such that the patient may not even be able to move. Local application cryotherapy can be very beneficial in curing arthritic pain and thus help those who suffer from the condition to lead a normal and happy life.  

Injuries: Cryotherapy can also effectively treat injuries as it helps to heal better and faster.

Athletes can benefit: Sportspersons are always at the risk of suffering from injuries. Depending on the nature of injuries, it may take weeks or months to heal. This can hamper their career. But with local application cryotherapy, sports injuries can be healed faster and completely. In fact, the localized cryotherapy at Advanced Cryo Nyc Clinic can also help prevent injuries.

Surgery related pain can be treated: When people have a surgery on bones, especially knees, feet or shoulders, there is lot of pain and that also prevents any movement of the body which adds to the discomfort. When you apply cryotherapy on the areas where pain exists, these areas get more blood circulation and this helps in not only alleviating pain but also helps in quicker healing.

It can alleviate inflammation: With cyrotherapy, the temperature of tissues can be decreased due to which inflammation of the joints can be reduced and prevented.

It is helpful to reduce swelling: Local application of cyrotherapy can also effectively bring down swelling, especially, that caused due to water retention.

It is beneficial to muscles as well: Not just bones but even muscles are cured by local application of cryotherapy. It can reduce muscle spasms and even stimulate muscles.

The best advantage of local application of cryotherapy is that only the affected areas have to exposed to low temperature. But depending on the nature of the symptoms, a treatment that involves both WBC and local cryotherapy may be advised. In both cases, you not only heal better but there are additional benefits as well, such as enhancement of mood, high energy levels, better cell rejuvenation, promotion of cell growth which in turn makes skin and hair healthier as well.