The first phase or the staring few months of pregnancy can be a nerve cracking and an anxious affair. It would be a lot so if you had a miscarriage in the past. The moment a baby starts moving and kicking inside the stomach mothers do feel a lot relaxed. But what about the previous months when the baby is too small to feel any movement. In the last few years, fetal Doppler safety mechanisms have been a revelation. Many pregnant women go on to use during pregnancy as a form of reassurance. Though the formation of feet takes place pretty early in your baby, once you touch around 10 to 12 weeks you might be able to figure out heartbeat of a baby with a home Doppler.

Do you consider the use of home Doppler to be safe?

In case of home Doppler high radiation frequency waves are send out which pass through the body and then on to the baby. The sound waves are likely to encounter movement in terms of heart beat of your baby and then it will reflect back on to the monitor. The monitor then translates this amplified sound so that you are able to hear.

fetal Doppler safety

Research does point out that ultrasound is not harmful for a developing baby inside the womb. On a different level it is suggested that you rely on ultrasound as sparingly as possible to minimize the risks if any.

In the later stages of pregnancy counting of kicks is a more reliable way to figure out the status of your baby. An example in the form of a woman who was 38 weeks pregnant would throw more light on facts. She did go on to use a home Doppler and found out that the baby was fine. In a few days an ultrasound was conducted as the woman did not hear anything on the home Doppler. In the ultrasound no heart beat was found and the baby died. What was more alarming was that the woman mistook her heart beat with that of the baby. If she had visited the doctor on reduction of frequency of kicks outcome would have been a lot different.

This poses to be one of the major loopholes in using a home Doppler. Parents can go on to interpret other sounds that takes place in your body and mistake with that of the baby. Do not stress yourself if you are not able to hear the heartbeat. It would mean that position of the baby might not be in order.

Do you think still you need to buy one?

In the event of you feeling overly anxious or stressed for the time frame after 12 weeks, and before you feel the first kicks of the baby use a Doppler fetal monitor. Use it as minimum as possible. In case if you use it pay attention to the FDA standards and follow the instructions on whether you are able to hear. Before planning to purchase one discuss with your doctor.