Over the past few years technology advancement has made many complex things possible at easy stage. Talking of which, in today’s time those couple who cannot have a baby can look for the sperm bank to get the help. Besides, there are some other good medical treatments available that offers better solution. Talking about Semen banking which is popular by the name of Sperm bank is quite popular in city like Mumbai and has developed to a great scale over the past few years. It has been noted down that couples that approaches this bank has doubled in today’s time.

Use of Sperm Bank for different purpose:

There are many reasons why couples opt for such type of process. As per the expert gynaecologist, it has been noted down the main reason for the fall in the rate of fertility is because of the hamper with conception. That is when you can seek for the help of the sperm bank problem. It is one of the best platforms that is used by the couples as the fertility preserving option. Such option is available for the people who have undergone a treatment like chemotherapy that may affect the sterile or infertility.

Another reason that couples generally seek for the help of top sperm banks in Mumbai is if they are staying apart and need to induce pregnancy without husband need to compromise with travel or work. Other than this there are also couples who prefer this option when they are not able to conceive for the baby. Beyond this, if you are looking for a better sperm banking option

Some conditions to be fulfilled if you plan to be a sperm donor

Donating sperm is not an easy task irrespective of the fact if you think on those lines. There are some guidelines in place which needs to be fulfilled for you to become an active sperm donor. In most cases the sperm banks have an age bracket and it is generally in the age group of 18 to 40 years, though certain age relaxations are provided by some of the sperm banks in the city.

Prime reasons why people uses Sperm Bank:

  • This type of option is considered to be a perfect solution for those who are incapable of producing sperms from the testicles at any point of time. This problem is called testicular failure. It is one rare condition which usually takes place when the male tests are not able to create the desired sperm and male sex hormones.
  • Another rare case for which people usually seek for such type of option is when there is normal ejaculation restricted due to the obstruction in the tubal system of the tests. In such cases, the motile sperms are produced and are possible to get it surgically with the help of fine needle that is possible only through tests.
  • Some other reasons are when couples are not able to afford ICSI cycle, men have genetic disorder, or there is a recurrent miscarriage that takes place.

No doubt that sperm bank in Mumbai is well reputable and offer the best possible support to the couples. It is a sperm storage centre where samples are stored and frozen for quite a long period of time in liquid nitrogen at 196°C temperature.


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