Neurons and the Nervous system

Neurons are the structural as well as the functional unit of the nervous system. It is present in e the brain with brain, which is the master organ for all type of coordination in the body. Now the neurons are the cells which constitute in a bunch to form the nerve fibers as a whole. When we are talking about the coordination system of the human body they are mainly of two types the nervous coordination system controlled by the brain and the hypothalamus and the other is the biomolecular coordination system, which is controlled by the glands and its secretions called as the hormones. These coordinate the body in two different aspect so that the functioning occurs in a proper way. The brain and the nervous system coordinates mainly on the basis of the electrical signal rather which is called as the electrical impulse that is transmitted all around the body in the response to different stimuli that can be internal as well as external. Thus the neurons helps to transfer the impulse form through them. And same is with the nerve fibers. Each and every part of the body nerve fibers and present so if any action happens in any part of the body, it will definitely respond and brain will record it as well. And this response takes a very little time almost less than second.

Nervous system

How the problem happens

Neurons and their network are very much complex in nature. it is mainly of two types, that is the motor neurons which helps in the dynamic functions of the body and provides signal for their activation and the sensory neurons which activates the senses with it and thus they also very much important or the body. It works on the basis of the transmission of the electrical impulse and a single wrong impulse will definitely cause a lot of other mistakes as well and therefore will destroy the coordination system of the body. Neurological problem and the nervous disorder are very much common these days. People at about any age are developing this nervous disorder and the problems. Most common being the Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy and many more. When the neuron gets degenerated in their ending they fail to transmit the impulse in a proper way which cause the gap between the reactions and thus the problem occurs. Even the pregnant woman’s are also facing this kind of problem with epilepsy being the most common of them.

Problem in the treatment

Doctor’s face a one main problem in the treatment of the neuro problems and the neurons does not get produced from over a lifetime instead gets synthesized only up to the adult phase, any damage in any neuron is hard to recover and thus the number decreases.

Good medicines

However treatment is very much common and a number of good medicines are present in regard to the Parkinson’s disease which have yielded good results from them.

The Hospitals

Best hospital for Neurosurgery in India have the best doctors and also the best facilities for the treatment. Thus people get good benefit going over there and treating their disease.