Muay Thai, popularly known as Thai boxing, has its origins deeply rooted in the culture and history of Thailand. Dating as far back as the 16th century, Muay Thai, as a martial art form, uses the hand-to-hand combat style. It was referred to as “The Art of Eight Limbs” or “Science of Eight Limbs.” This was based on its use of eight specific “points of contact,” the hands, elbows, knees and feet. Due to its effectiveness in self-defence, it was introduced to Thailand’s military camps as part of their training regime and remains in place to this day.


While Muay Thai may appear as no more than a fighting technique, it has gained international exposure and popularity over the years. The popularity of Muay Thai or Thai boxing has spread to other parts of the world, and it is regarded as Thailand’s National Sport Since it is passed down from generations to generation, Muay Thai has evolved and come a long way to being regarded as a sporting event worldwide. Nowadays, this discipline is commonly used as a fitness program with numerous health benefits to the participant.


Physical Benefits of Muay Thai


The greatest benefit derived as a result of practicing Muay Thai training either in the military, as a professional boxer or a fitness routine is having an excellent body condition. Muay Thai prides itself in its use of many muscle groups in the body and serves as a complete full-body workout. This is because all parts of the body are used in training due to constant movements. It is, hence, an ideal cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and building endurance.


When Muay Thai is incorporated with weight resistance, the body gains muscle strength and tone leaving you with a lean and defined body. Also, the heart and lungs function well thanks to an increase in the blood and oxygen supply and its subsequent circulation around the body.


People who practice Muay Thai training at  Suwitmuaythai have noticed that their immune system improved protecting them from common diseases.


Mental and Spiritual Benefits


Peculiar to all forms of martial art, Muay Thai is no different as it influences the student’s psyche. It does this by instilling mental toughness and resilience thereby making you stronger. It increases your endurance levels which, in turn, builds your self-esteem and confidence. Also, because Muay Thai requires dedicated focus and attention in training sessions, you’ll be able to utilize more of your thinking capacity in everyday situations which will enable you to make more timely and smarter decisions. Some other benefits are mental peace, relief from anxiety, stress, and depression.


Virtuous Benefits


Being a student of Muay Thai during the fitness program at dedicated Muay Thai training schools or camps inculcates in you the understanding of virtues such as patience, compassion, honesty and gratitude. Also, it teaches you respect, obedience and humility and as often said: “with great power comes greater responsibility.”