Pilates is a fitness regimen that features the use of low-impact exercises to build flexibility, muscular strength, stability, and endurance. The main goal of the exercise plan is to develop core strength and balance the muscles.

This form of exercise is often used in rehab as it can be done by clients of varying athletic levels. Therefore, the movements used during a routine can be designed for each individual. In addition, many of the exercises only require the use of a floor mat as they are done in a sitting or lying position.

As a result, Pilates exercises are an ideal way to get into shape or improve your physical and mental health. These types of exercises and movements improve the overall function of the nervous system. The exercise is not centred solely on the muscles and joints.

A Better and Improved Posture

Many patients find, after practicing Pilates in South Perth, that their posture improves. Since the core muscles are primarily responsible for achieving a good posture, Pilates enhances the way you hold your body. Pilates discourages slouching, which causes the shoulders and back muscles to feel tense. In turn, the muscles feel sore and tight, which is avoided with the right exercise plan.

Fuller and Deeper Breaths

Since Pilates enhances the posture, it makes it easier for you to breathe more deeply. The Pilates exerciser naturally stands and sits straighter, thereby opening up the rib cage. When the rib cage opens up, it makes it easier to take fuller and deeper breaths.

A Preventative Measure

In order to make sure you are receiving full benefits from your other exercise activities, you need to make sure you regularly set up a Pilates programme. For instance, Pilates makes it easier to weight lift. When a person works out with weights or exercise equipment, they need to maintain a straighter stance. A straighter stance reduces any added engagement on the muscles, which prevents future injuries.

Mindful Meditation

When Pilates is practiced, the exerciser finds it easier to practice mindful meditation. Stress is released from the body as well as the mind. Meditation itself has been proven to offer the following advantages with respect to emotional health:

  • Improves concentration
  • Releases depression, anxiety and stress
  • Takes more control over chronic pain
  • Fights bad habits or addictions

When you see how Pilates helps in re-aligning the spine and assisting in pain control, it is easy to understand why this type of exercise routine is recommended by health practitioners who specialise in physio.

Simple tasks, like lifting a box or even sweeping a floor, can seem difficult if your core is not strong. By enhancing both flexibility and strength, any task you do is more enjoyable, thereby elevating your level of productivity.