Every woman around the globe wishes to own a body that is perfectly shaped. No one wishes to be fat or extremely skinny. Moreover, women are really very concerned about their breast sizes. When a woman sees another with a perfect bust size, she obviously does give a look at hers. A bigger breast gives a woman the opportunity to have the admiration from others. A woman has all the right to be confident and proud of her body and if the small bust size or flat chest is your concern, then here are some remedies which can enhance the breast size. Well don’t worry, you don’t have to go through fat transfer augmentation or silicone breast transplant. There are many other options too with the help of which you can get the desired size of the breasts.

All you need to do is consume a balanced and healthy diet which helps in lightening the skin tone, maintaining good health, the growth of muscles and bust size. Next, we have elaborated some tips on how to increase the breast size naturally by eating healthy food.

Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains – Green vegetables, fresh fruits, and whole grains give a boost to the supply of nutritious elements like vitamins, calcium, protein, fiber and regulate the testosterone levels in the body. As a whole, fruits and vegetables are effective enough to tone up your body and increase your breast size (1) if a strict diet is followed for a given span of time. Here one must note that this option may take time to offer the expected result and at the same time one must not break the rules of the diet chart to have the expected results.

Estrogen-rich Foods – If you have small breasts then it may be due to lack of estrogen present in your body. To enlarge the breast size, you need to boost up the estrogen levels by consuming estrogen-rich foods (2). Ingredients like, chickpeas, soybeans, dairy products, beans, fenugreek seeds and spices such as ginger, sage, oregano, and pepper. The consumption of these food items in a proper manner and amount can surely offer encouraging results in a short period as well.

Fats – Lose some fat doesn’t mean you have to eliminate it completely. A healthy body needs at least 12% fat. Fats are also important to gain maintain a good bust size. Sunflower and olive oils are two elements to gain fats. Consume these oils in the routine diet, and you will feel great changes in the size of the breasts.

Herbal Pills – Herbal supplements for enlargement of breast sizes naturally are also available in the market. It not only increases the cup size but has an overall effect on the health which is good for you. These pills are made of potent herbs like ginseng, blessed thistle, dong-quai root, damiana and ginkgo-biloba (3) which imitate the growth hormones for enhancing breast sizes.

Without further delay, start-off a balanced, healthy diet to increase the breast size naturally in the near future. You can also go for herbal pills which have 0 side effects, but you need to choose the product wisely.