All of you might have heard about vacuum assisted delivery and figured out what it means. It is a form of birth where your baby needs some form of help to emerge out towards the end. In fact this could be during the pushing stages of labor. Hereby we will focus our attention to vacuum assisted birth which also goes by the name of ventouse. In this method a soft suction cup is being placed over the head of a baby and the health care provider with the help of the cups handle moves the baby down the birth canal.

The main reasons for a Vacuum extractor delivery

This form of birth could arise for a variety of reasons. Perhaps the most important reason could be due to the fact that the baby has gone on to become distressed and is pretty close to birth. So with the help of ventouse you can speed up the process. During normal course of labor it does take a couple of hours in order to push the baby out of the birth canal. This is without any form of assistance and if any such thing is needed then vacuum assisted delivery is the only option left.  Some of the main reasons for this form of delivery stems because of the following facts

  • Once you go on to push for a considerable amount of time after dilation being complete
  • Medical risks do make the pushing a risky affair
  • The mother is not in a position to push further and there could be medical reasons for it in the form of a spinal block
  • The baby is showing signs of distress and the need of the hour is for the baby is to be born quickly. It needs to be at a pace which is more than the pace of pushing by the mother
  • The mother is exhausted after pushing
  • Time restrictions in terms of pushing and this is as per the records of the hospital

If this course of birth is suggested then the health care service provider will figure out whether the baby is low enough, and close so that they can be born. If the head of the baby is high, then there is no option apart from a C section.

How to avoid this form of birth?

In general cases most of the mothers can push the baby without any major help. The best mechanism to avoid this form of birth is to be little proactive during the course of pregnancy and make it a point that the labor progresses in a natural manner

  • Ensure that you are fit and healthy during the course of pregnancy
  • During the process of labor stay active and upright at the same time. Do avoid lying on the back or being part of any restrictions during the course of movement
  • Only eat if you want to and increase the intake of fluid during this time.

You would need to be full of energy before the big day arrives.