Oxymetholone is counted among the most popular and powerful steroids on the market today. Only Dianabol is more popular than Oxymetholone, which is categorized as a DHT (dihydrostestosterone) steroid group. Thanks to the addition of 2-hydroxymetholone groups to its structure Oxymetholone has become a truly potent oral anabolic steroid that helps you to gain weight easily and effectively.

Various uses

Oxymetholone also enables you to improve your performance on the athletic front. It is also used for treating diseases like anemia and of course it also helps HIV patients gain weight. This wonderful androgen hormone helps to catalyze the increased production of erythroprotein. The wonders of erythroprotein can be seen in its ability to improve production of red blood cells in the human body.

Do wonders

Athletes and gymnasts commonly know Oxymetholone by the name of Anadrol. It does wonders in helping them produce greater muscles and it also makes them stronger. This is why bodybuilders use it in the bulking phase in competitions. It is also sometimes used in the cutting phase of competitions.



The Internet provides a lot of useful information about this wonderful androgen hormone but at the same time there is also a lot of misinformation doing the rounds. This is why there is so much confusion about Oxymetholone. Here is a brief look at what it really is.

Different to Dianabol

This wonderful steroid is considered to be a powerful oral C-17 alpha alkylates steroid and is normally associated with another similar steroid: Dianabol. Although they are similar to an extent they are also very different in many ways.

Oxymetholone has an altered 17th compound that enables it to pass through the liver wall and go straight into the blood where it acts as a source of energy. This however also shows that Oxymetholone can be quite harsh on the liver, but that is also the case with most other oral steroids on the market.

Side effects

Oxymetholone also produces side effects because of the high amount of oestrogen that is already in the body. Oxymetholone does not itself produce any oestrogenic activity but it does interfere with the estrogen metabolism. Thus, you can expect this steroid to cause gynecomastia when it is used for a lengthy period of time. Also, if you use this steroid for a long time it can damage your liver. Other side effects include high blood pressure, water retention, hypertension and increase in bad cholesterol and decrease in good cholesterol levels.

The use of this steroid can also alter your lipid profile in the blood thereby causing heart ailments or atherosclerosis. Another side effect of Oxymetholone is that it can lead to breathing problems that in turn can adversely affect your ability to perform on the athletic front.

If you are worried about these side effects then you should look for a worthwhile alternative to Oxymetholone. If you check out Anadrole then you will have found a wonderful and potent alternative that is good at increasing muscle mass and strength. The nice thing about using Anadrole is that it does not produce any side effects and thus is highly recommended.