While many women have the breast reduction surgery done, and they walk away happy with their new breasts, there are still some things you need to be aware of. If you are searching for a great doctor to do the procedure, you can have a GO on having a surgery toreduce breast size.

  1. Insurance might not cover it

This is quite obvious, but if you are having Dr Naveen Somia’s breast reduction Sydney simply because of physical appearance, your health insurance will not cover the costs. However, this is something you should check with your insurers, as they might actually cover the whole cost if it is done for medical purposes; if not, you might want to start saving.

  1. Preparations for the surgery

While many of us think that having the surgery is just paying and laying on the table, there is a lot more you should do before. This is something your doctor will tell you, as sometimes you might be asked to lose some body weight. By doing so, you might not even need the breast reduction surgery, or the surgeon will not have to take out that much tissue and fat.

You might also be asked to stop smoking, before and after the surgery. This is because the smoking process will make your skin heal much slower than it should be healing, and by stopping, you will enhance the results.

  1. Expect other procedures

Sometimes, there will be some extra procedures needed for the whole package. After the surgery is done and you go for your first checkup, your doctor will tell you if there will be any more needed post-op operations.

  1. Know the risks

This goes without saying, but you should know all of the possible risks before going under the knife. When talking about breast reduction surgery in particular, the most common thing that can happen is scarring. However, that usually depends on the person and the type of their skin, together with the way the surgery was done.

There is also the risk of losing the feeling in your breasts, and your nipples, though this usually happens regardless, and it lasts for a month or two. In other cases, women are unable to breastfeed, which can be the result of the amount of breast tissue that has been removed.

  1. Recovery is not that rough

While many women think that recovering from breast reduction tends to be very difficult, it actually isn’t. After the procedure is done, your breasts will be covered with covered with soft gauze, and you might be required to wear a surgical wireless bra.

  1. Yourbreasts need time to settle

Don’t expect immediate results after the surgery, because that is impossible. You will have to wait some time beforeyour breasts have settled and got accustomed to your structure. In addition, do not be alarmed if your nipples feel different, that is actually quite common.

Final word

The key to a great breast reduction surgery is finding the right doctor. This is why  you should trust and leta professional plastic surgeon, Dr Naveen Somia to do it for you, as he is known to be a great cosmetic and plastic surgeon who will happily do the procedure and make you one satisfied customer.