In a world where there are millions of Instagram beauties making you feel insecure about being overweight, people are being more committed to working out and being insta-fit. There are innumerable methods to lose weight, and one of the methods a lot of people are talking about is Bodyboss method. While it garners much attention, you might or might not want to try this method based on a number of factors. That being said, here’s why you should think twice before following the Bodyboss method to lose weight.

It demands time

While the training method claims to take only 24 minutes a day, it demands an hour each day, thrice a week. What disappoints people is the fact that it is more of trap that claims something and offers something else. If you work; and have an already busy routine, you wouldn’t want to adopt the Bodyboss method of losing weight.

Ordinary exercises

Even though Bodyboss method comes for a certain price and claims to have the best exercises for the money you pay, you would find the exercises to be quite ordinary. Most of the exercises are regular HIIT exercises that are not hard to access. People generally have high expectations from the Bodyboss method, which collapse when they come across the plan.

Impractical nutritional plan

The nutritional plan that Bodyboss method has in store for people is downright monotonous. While the pack may use words, like delicious, it might not be very easy to follow a nutritional plan for people. Over time, you might find yourself in a tough position, failing to keep up with the nutritional plan. The impractical plan might cause you to give in to unhealthy snacks.

A hard to achieve progress

First of all, the progress that you would make would be too slow. Bodyboss method builds too much of expectation and yet progresses in a slow manner, which leaves people demotivated to continue. Also, the progress exercises are very steep, making it hard for people to get used to the transitions. Depending on your body type, it might or might not be an easy task for you.

Might be a waste of money

When you can find similar or better exercises on YouTube for free, this would seem like a waste of money to pay $70. Additionally, for people who can’t even properly get a grip on the exercises and fail to follow the nutritional plan, buying the Bodyboss pack would be a total loss.

Many women who have bought the Bodyboss method of training have expressed their dissatisfaction, which would help you decide whether or not you would want to invest in it. If you aren’t the most patient person and want better results, other methods of weight loss would be recommended more so than this one. If you want a more detailed review on Bodyboss and methods that are a better deal than this one, please visit to have a better idea about the method and how it works.