Today, the value of hybrid cannabis strains near Denver is increasing. Too many nations around the world are growing Cannabis due to its medicinal value. It has been scientifically proved that it can solve many health problems. Even though there has been debate regarding the addiction, no one can ignore the fact that it has been used for thousands of years.

Hybrid Cannabis Strains: What are they and how they are created?

Hybrids come from breeding indica and sativa plants altogether. For many years, American farmers have increase crops by hybridizing their quality with varieties. Similarly, modern cannabis breeding began on the west coast of Canada and the United States in the mid-’60s. Unfortunately, it hasn’t stopped. Cannabis comes in female and male sexes and is a yearly crop that create seeds and reproduces through pollination. Most hybrids come from unstable mixes of parents. To stabilize a hybrid, every breeder should do a back-crossing, or the process of selectively inbreed generations of the same hybrid, until each generation of hybrid has its genes in a consistent manner.

The experimentation of the new strains is growing due to the increase of the demand for cannabis. Most cannabis strains on the commercial market are hybrids. This means that the plants are bred from different strains to produce certain features or effects. This is the most basic information on what hybrids really are, and why they have become popular. Its popularity is the reason why there are so many hybrid cannabis strains near Denver. Like other plants, Cannabis exists either as a hybrid mix or a pure breed of strains. As the industry has commercialized, both hybrids and pure strains are continually remixed. Hybrids are a man-made product at customizing plants with particular characteristic typically found in sativa, ruderalis, and indica strains. Good hybrids inherit qualities from their sources or parents.

What Medical Effects Do Hybrids Have?

It depends. Indica-dominant hybrid manages body pain. Sativa-dominant hybrid is sought after to manage depression and lift mood. Each hybrid strain has a different chemotype and hence, such effects varies, depending on the person’s chemistry.

The Most Common Types of Hybrids

  • Sativa x sativa: Two different varieties of sativa are bred together.
  • Indica x indica: Two different varieties of indica are bred together.
  • Sativa x indica: This is a hybrid having sativa-dominant characteristics. But, it has features of cannabis.

Indica x sativa: This variety have both characteristics of Indica and Sativa. The only difference is, it is indica-dominant. Autoflowering hybrids are mixed somewhere with ruderalis genetics because they are cultivators.

Specific cannabinoid content

A lot of hybrids are a mixture of both sativa and indica “parents”. This allows the breeders to figure out the kind of influence the strain will have. Do you prefer a couch-lock? You may try the indica-dominant strain. Are you looking for cerebral creativity? Try the sativa-dominant strains. Do you wish to get an autoflowering strain? There are ruderalis. As medical research expands, more breeds are being created in order to sustain concentrations of cannabinoids. Many cannabis strains will make use of the CBD or THC. Medical cannabis for children, for example, is bred from specific hybrid strains of cannabis that will always contain low levels of THC, but high amounts of CBD.


Growing outdoors has its own rules and restrictions. Sativas bears a resemblance of trees since it is tall. Indicas appear to be little shrubby. The hybrids, however, can be selected for bushiness, size, and any other features. In other words, some sativa hybrids are mistaken for indicas.


These type of strains are crossed with ruderalis parenta. In other words, your plant will bloom irrespective of the light exposure duration.

Purple Cannabis Plant


It is important to understand that some plants are more resinous as compared to others.  Indicas are more resinous compared to sativas. Hybrids are crossed specifically for their resin content.

Terpenes & flavonoids

Since there are more things to understand about the whole plant medicine, the function of essential oils is still re-examined. As you can see, hybrids that have essential oils content have started to appear on the market. However, they are still in their earlier days.


It is important to understand that heritage plays an important role in every plant. How much the plants can produce is due to their heritage.

Hardiness and color

Some cannabis strains, specially the indicas come from areas of the world where the days are short and temperatures colder. Such features and characteristics can be bred into hybrids, and this includes the ability to turn the color into purple. The purple cannabis has always been a favorite kind among those in the who know them.

Disease and pest resistance

This goes the same way with humans. Some plant strains are resistant to their natural predators and environment as a whole.

Unstable Seed Strain

Developing a prosperous hybrid requires a lot of effort, time and work. If you know something about a particular hybrid, you will treat the other hybrid differently because not all of them are really the same.

Clone-only strain

This is a strain that has been grown into a plant with certain features and characteristics. To ensure that the genetic makeup of this plant has been perpetuated, the clone is the only way to do this. However, growing conditions will affect the final product greatly.

Stable seed strain

A breeder who chooses both female and male plants will breed them all over again to stabilize certain attributes. The final stable seed will have characteristics every time the seeds are grown. With this is mind, there will always be a genetic variation.

Unstable seed strain

While these can be generated more quickly than a stable seed strain, they can be found all over the world when speaking of certain features. Reliable and reputable seed shops will not sell these unstable strains.

Knowing the origin and the different kinds of hybrids will help you choose the best one for you. Cannabis is not a medicine, but it can be used to alleviate certain symptoms.