In a developing country like India Medical tourism is the fastest growing sector. The projected growth in the coming years is even higher with the Indian medical tourism estimated to grow beyond eight billion dollars.

At present healthcare tourism in India is worth US$3 billion. The rate at which the market is growing these figures doesn’t look surprisingly at all.

Here is why India is on the global map for its service in the medical Industry-

Cost Effective:  The primary reason why Indian medical tourism attracts people from all across the world is cost-effectiveness. There portals like add value to the medical travel to India. It’s been more than a decade of lowest cost and highest quality service for millions of people. All of global medical tourism destinations cannot put together what India has offered in the last couple of years. Fox example, a treatment would cost only a fraction of the cost offered elsewhere. The variety of procedures has also exceeded that of the United States of America which is at the brink of losing its regular chunk of patients from around the world. Any developed country was sought out by the wealthy for the technology they offer. However, with competition rising Indian Medical tourism setting the bar high, the scenario has been changing.

Accredited facilities: Treatment in India is nothing less than any developed country. Even the accredited facilities are at par with developed countries. Besides the low cost relevant medical tourism report of the market   found that India was thetop destination and 30% share of foreign medical tourism came from the United Kingdom. The arrivals have outnumbered the medical tourism of all countries combined together. The patients from other neighbouring countries like Bangladesh and Afghans also vouch for Indian doctors and its facilities because it helps them seek treatment. Russia is also created a new market and has become a source seeking another 30% of the medical tourism traditionally.


Other majoroverse as sources including Africa, Middle East and the Persian Gulf countries are seeking healthcare tourism in India for any medical treatment.  Tourism hub cities  such as the major 5 capitals of the country mainly Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata with financial capital Mumbai that are in great demand over medical treatments received highest number of foreign patients in 2015. A large chunk of it was from South Eastern countries.


It’s also seen that the availability of certain treatments also make the population of other countries travel to India. Many of those who are not able to get treatments just because that isn’t legally practiced in their countries migrate for medical procedures. The interest in the treatment is also because of the travelling conveniences made by the hospitals while receiving foreign patients.

Overall,medical tourism is good for the development of the country like India. Catering to the patients from other countries will give a boost to the economy. Apart from the services it is the best way to approaching people and helps them recover with an affordable treatment.