Seat cushions are these third-party cushions that people place under their buttocks. These things are commonly found in offices and places where people spend a lot of time on their chairs. You might think that office chairs are already sufficient enough regarding cushion, but they aren’t. Sure, these things have back support and head support, but if they are using a very soft foam, that will inevitably shrink over time leaving you with discomfort.

The fact is there’s no standard as to when you should replace your office chairs, the only reason why it gets replaced is when it gets broken and nothing more. The fact is when the cushion is already bad, it should be replaced because it’s not going to help regarding safety on long-term use. However, it is what it is, so the solution? People might wonder why a seat cushion, read further to find out.

It’s what you need: A seat cushion is actually what you need. When you feel something in your neck, you buy a cushion for it, when you feel something in your lower back you buy a cushion for it and if you feel like our buttocks are getting sore you buy a cushion for it. Sure, these things help but actually, all you need is a cushion for your seat. Why? It’s because of your coccyx. Your coccyx might look useless and looks weird, but it’s an essential bone for support and balance. Not being able to meet such requirements to support that bone will cause leg, back and neck pain over a while, because these things are connected in one vertebra and muscles.


Also observe god proper posture: You also need to practice good posture, and this has been proven over and over again. A good posture can go a long way, and good support can help maintain that posture. Even if you are sitting for an extended period, there’s no excuse not to maintain proper posture. If you think that you have one, while still you’re not injured or have some chronic body pains, correct it.

Choose a cushion that has a memory foam: There are so many cushions that various people use for their seat cushions, and not all of them are good. The safest way to buy one is to choose cushions that have memory foam. Memory foam is unique because aside from providing you with exceptional comfort, it also contours to the shape of your body. It will fit like a glove supporting your buttocks.

Office Chairs might look comfortable, but the fact is, it’s not your couch. Most of it might be well padded at first, but you will soon find out that it will be stiff and will cause you but sores over some time. The common problems that people in the office has are back pain, neck pain and but sores. The solution for it is a cushion, partner that with a good body mechanics and you should be good to go!