Analgesic and its mechanism of action

Every expected mom are very much conscious about the medications they are talking and whether it is associated with any side effects or not. Drugs and its side effects can cause a lot of problem in the gestational condition. The body of the woman is heavily compromised due to increasing change in the hormonal composition. So a simple effect might cause a grave problem which is not at all wanted in that phase. Painkiller is those group of drug which relieves the body from the pain at specific regions. They are also called as the analgesic. For most of the analgesics, its action is not permanent, they are able to release pain in a temporary manner. They act on either the central nervous system or the peripheral nervous system. Thus choosing the proper analgesic is of much importance.

Use of Pain-killer in Pregnancy

Pregnancy and pain go hand in hand. Due to immense physiological changes and especially during the delivery system, the level of pain exceed all possible limits. However, using painkiller for all those instances is not an option as it might cause the problem for the baby. Although there are few pain killer drug safe in pregnancy to use. However, doctors always suggest for a limited usage of it as the drugs and its composition after entering the mother’s body might flow through the blood-stream and enter the placenta into the baby’s blood-stream.

Painkillers safe to use in pregnancy

Few common drugs are used in pregnancy. They are:

  • Paracetamol– Paracetamol, in fact, the safest known drug present. And in pregnancy condition also this drug is widely prescribed as a pain reliever. Apart from pain relieving, there are other advantages of using paracetamol also. It can be used in common cold and cough condition.
  • Acetaminophen– Acetaminophen is among the pain killer drugs safe in pregnancy to use. It is mainly used for headaches, sore throats, pains, aches etc. Its usage is safe for all the trimesters during pregnancy.

What should be avoided?

As pregnancy deals with much delicacy so the usage of the drugs should be very much perfect so that it does not affect the condition of the baby. Few of the composition of the pain killers are strictly prohibited in a pregnant condition. They are:

  • Aspirin– Another widely used pain killer in normal condition but very much harmful for the pregnant condition. It is composed of salicylic acid and it belongs to an anti-inflammatory non-steroidal group of drugs which is harmful to both the mother and the fetus.
  • Ibuprofen– Although safe to use in the beginning up to two trimesters, after that it is highly not recommended. Its usage will definitely result in a lot of blood loss during the delivery. Along with that, it increases the chances of the stomach ulcer for the mother.

Following the doctor’s prescription

Before using the pain killer on your own, doctors should be consulted for the proper diagnosis of the actual problem so that perfect medication is prescribed to cure that condition. In this way, both mother and child will be safe.