An infection is an invasion by various microorganisms that causes discomfort in the body. There is a mix of discomfort that the body will experience during an infection and those are called symptoms. The symptom is a mixture of the body’s way to combat the infection and the usual infection symptoms that are not related to the body’s natural defenses. There are three common things that people have noted during an infection but not entirely true in every case (but the most common).

In the case of cellulitis, there are three known symptoms and indicator that are related to the body defenses like fever, inflammation, and WBC (white blood cell count). The occurrence of these symptoms and indicator is the result of the body trying to fight off the infection, thus aside from the lab tests, they are used as a sign that there really is an infection and the only question now is “where does is the infection located?”.

The fever: If there’s an infection that most common sign is the fever. Keep in mind that fever is not a disease like most people thought, its a manifestation of the disease. But not all is considered as an infection yet, there are times where fever occurs like in extreme dehydration. Usually, a good indication that a person has an infection is when the fever is already experienced consecutively for 3 days.


An inflammation: Inflammation is a good indication of an infection and just like fever its not always the case. Arthritis has inflammation and it doesn’t have any infection. What is sure is that if there’s an inflammation then that is a good indication that in that place is where the problem lies. Its the body’s way of recognizing that something is wrong in that part of your body and its making you feel and see via redness, swelling, and pain that there is something wrong in that it that badly needs your attention.

Increase WBC count: Increased WBC (White Blood Cells) is an indication that your body has an infection. Whenever there’s an infection your body perceives that and produces more WBC to combat such infection together with determining symptoms like fever, inflammation and many more general and specific infection indicator. You won’t really notice the increase in your WBC. The only sure-fire way to notice this is through one of the confirmation tests being done for suspected infection which is the ever-popular blood test.

The body is smart because of its ability to detect the presence of foreign objects in your body. And the body doesn’t just come quietly fight it off, the body fights it in a form of symptoms that will prompt your attention for treatment like fever and inflammation. Increased WBC count isn’t a symptom but an indication of an infection that can only be seen after your blood work which is one of the popular tests to rule out infection. In the case of cellulitis, its pretty much the same thing. If you wish to know more, you can visit for more details.