People who have never visited a physiotherapist will probably have questions about their profile and benefits. For the general public, their work may seem like a physical trainer, but this is not at all the case. Your work may require you to instruct some exercises and changes in lifestyle, which is part of rehabilitation. Other features of physiotherapy at the Clinic include injury prevention and exercise regimen.

Holistic approach

To tell more about the profession, she emphasizes a holistic approach, rather than a targeted method of treating diseases. This means that, in accordance with the patient’s lifestyle, the specialists will determine the mode of exercises and ensure change. To analyze its technical aspects, it focuses on the natural mobility of the organs and their normal regenerating factor. There is no involvement of drugs or surgery, and focuses only on the body’s ability to heal itself. The process is slow, but showed signs that thanks to this process, people recovered more effectively than through other means. Not only treatment, but the process is also used to increase strength, as in the case of athletes and movie stars. With regular intake, it will determine your physical health for a long time, because it focuses on joints and muscles and supports the body.


Speaking about the profession, specialists with a degree in this field will have the right to designate muscle stimulation machines and exercises for those who need help. They get all the necessary knowledge about human anatomy and how to determine the cause of the injury. Based on the diagnosis, a professional will try to cure the disease through several processes. You need to be patient at the stage of treatment, as this is a slow and long process. What makes your profession meaningful is the discovery of the root cause. In some cases, it was thought that the source of the problem was far from the injured party. This is not easy to discover for the layman.

The area is huge for a physiotherapist

They have the right to treat patients with mobility problems, to treat chronic diseases, to optimize physical abilities, to treat damaged muscles, to restore flexibility and to teach people how to avoid future injuries. With the help of Omirou Physiotherapy, any person can be completely cured and live a healthy life.