We all love to be efficient, prompt and responsive in our day to day life at home, school or office. However, this is possible only when your mind and body are acting together. The thoughts and feelings in your mind should go hand in hand with your cognitive, visual, auditory and kinesthetic perceptions. To achieve this, you need to achieve unison of your mind and body. This is possible through yoga. In fact, the name yoga means ‘unison’ in Sanskrit, the language spoken by the people of this country thousands of years ago. If you involve yourself in yoga in a regular manner you will be able to achieve a sense of inner space and unison of thoughts and actions. You will get an overall sense of well-being. Search for a good Yoga center in thane and get yourself admitted to it.

What is yoga

Yoga is a collection of physical postures known as ‘asanas’ and some breathing exercises called ‘pranayamas’. The physical postures help in building muscles, tendons, and bones which impart strength, flexibility as well as confidence on the practitioner. The breathing exercises help the practitioner achieve inner peace, concentration and clarity of mind. Thus, you can achieve inner peace, become alert, concentrate on visual and auditory stimuli and act on them fast.

Other benefits of yoga

Glowing skin, a strong and flexible body peace of mind are some of the hidden qualities which yoga has to offer. It needs to be understood that the benefits of Yoga are not limited to asanas only, as you can perceive it at a human level and the immense benefits which it has to offer in purification of the mind, body as well as soul.

healthy yoga

Enhanced alertness and awareness about the environment

With regular practice of asanas, you can become more alert and aware of your surrounding environment.

Better breathing

Breathing is life force of living beings. If you learn how to breath better, you can lead a better and healthier life. Yoga, specially pranayama teaches you how to breathe better and deeper.

Yoga for loss of weight

The Kapalbhatipranayam aids in the process of weight loss, and with regular practice of yoga one tends to become sensitive to the food and the time of intake of it. In a way, it can keep a check on our weight.

Better use of energy

We waste a lot of our mental and physical energy in futile pursuance. With regular practice of yoga, you will learn how to use your physical and mental energy in a more efficient way. You will become more productive and may be able to work for longer hours.

Control on mind

Some people have a perennially agitated state of emotion and some people get agitated easily. Such a state of mind or emotional state is a hindrance in performing jobs satisfactorily. If you practice yoga regularly you will be able to bring your mind and your emotion under your control. This is very helpful in your day to day work.

An experienced trainer is a prerequisite

However beneficial it is, yoga must be practiced under the guidance of a good and experienced trainer. So, go through the list of yoga classes in thane, enquire about the trainers there and then decide on which class to join.



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