Snoring is a common problem globally and many times the person is not aware of the problem he is facing. Snoring might not be a problem for the person who is snoring, but can disturb the sleep of other people sleeping in the room and can be a big issue for couples at least. With growing age, the problem becomes severe and can be associated with a weak respiratory system and lungs. Disturbed sleep can create several personal and professional issues and in order to avoid them, there should be proper steps taken to solve the issue of snoring.

While medication is one solution to this problem, apart from that you can try using earplugs or mouth guards. Both these devices claim to reduce and nullify the intensity of sound of snoring thereby guaranteeing a peaceful sleep. But do snoring mouth guards really work? There are several branded and top-rated mouthguards with excellent reviews and ratings but let us find out whether they really work or not.

Do Snoring Mouth Guards Really Work?

If you are facing the problem of loud snoring noise because of a roommate and it is hindering your peaceful sleep, then you might want to try out a snoring mouth guard. But check the effectiveness of the machine before you invest your hard earned money into it. Snoring mouth guards come in two types, namely mandibular advancement device also known as MAD and Tongue Stabilizing device also known as TSD. These mouth guards are known to treat sleep apnea and snoring.

There are several brands and big companies that manufacture and market these products and they claim that these products can actually stop snoring. Is it really true? According to research and studies, it has been proved that if the mouth guard is worn properly then it can reduce the severity of the snoring.

The mechanism of working of MAD is that it prevents your tongue from moving towards the back of the mouth and stops the jaw from relaxing thereby avoiding snoring. With this, the MADs can stop the airway that gets obstructed unnecessarily in your mouth leading to snoring. These devices stabilize your jaw, depress the tongue and prevents it from moving towards the throat, avoids blocked breathing, pushes the jaw forward and keeps the airway open.

MAD and TSD are not medicines for treating snoring, but it is a device that will temporarily prevent snoring when used. So if you are skeptical about buying the mouth guard for your or your roommates snoring and sleep apnea issue then you can definitely buy it, as it definitely works. But do check the customisability, price, and ratings before you buy one. Make sure you make an informed decision.