Amla is also known as Indian gooseberry. The fruit ripens in the autumn and it is distinctly sour.  The fruit is very nourishing, which provides amazing health benefits. It is famous because of its high vitamin C content that can boost the immunity. It can also act as a diuretic, which flushes out the toxins. More importantly, it can help prevent heart diseases by reducing cholesterol buildup.

You can also consider Amla as hair care and eye care supplement. It has therapeutic value for patients suffering from diabetes. Aside from vitamin C, Amla also contains vitamin B complex, calcium, iron, phosphorus, and carotene. This is why it is called a superfood. The good news is that you can consume Amla regardless of the form. Here are different ways to take Amla for improved health:

Eating fresh fruit Amla
Fresh is always better. If you can get your hands on fresh Amla, you should take it as it is. The fruit has an interesting flavor. Some people struggle to eat them raw because of its distinct sour flavor but you can always do something to make your experience better. Many recommend tasting a little bit of salt first before biting the fruit. The next step is to sip water together with the fruit. You will be surprised how the taste improves.

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Considering powdered Amla
Fresh fruit is a viable option if you are near an Indian market. If you do not have access to fresh fruit, it is time to consider the best superfood powder 2018. Powdered Amla is the most inexpensive option if you want to avail of its health benefits. You can easily add it to your daily diet.

There are no reported side effects of powdered Amla. Suggested dosage is one teaspoon (around four grams). However, if it is your first time taking, it is best to gradually increase your intake to see how your body reacts to it. You can start with a quarter of a teaspoon (around one gram) and then add one gram every week until you reach four grams. Four grams will serve as your maintenance dose.

There are many online stores selling powdered Amla. Some stores suggest taking the powder with a teaspoon of honey or sugar. You have to be cautious though because you are taking unneeded sugar. The best thing to do is mix it up in a small glass of water. If you want you can sprinkle it on other fruits. The most exciting thing to do is to mix it into a smoothie. You just need to add a teaspoon of powdered Amla to your blender.

Drinking Amla juice
If you do not prefer the powdered form, you can always consider Amla juice. Amla juice is quite popular in India. However, you need to check if it is commercial product because there is added sugar.

Taking Amla capsules
Another popular alternative is Amla capsule. This is a good option for people who are always on the go. Suggested dosage is one in the morning and one in the evening. Generally, it is best taken before every meal as it can improve digestion.