For a man or woman, the hair is an important part of the body as well as look. One who loves to have good pictures and impressive personality the hair is an important part. For such people, the hair fall is a big problem. Many people in the modern era become a common victim of hair fall issues rising due to increase in dandruff. Dandruff basically affects the scalp; it causes dry and itchy scalps. This problem arises mainly during thewinter season. A lot of processed medicines are available in the market which guarantees to cure scalp condition, but those all have adverse effects. To avoid the side effects and get the cure for the hair fall, the home remedies can be more fruitful.

There are a lot of home remedies to cure dandruff, but the most employed is the use of Apple Cider Vinegar. There are few methods mentioned below for using Apple Cider Vinegar as scalp medicine. These remedies are cost-effective, and one can also use them without much care. The results of these home remedies vary from person to person and hence one needs to keep the same applying for a long period also to have desired results.

use of Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV on scalp

The most common remedy to cure dandruff is by directly applying ACV on thescalp. One needs to take ACV in a small bowl, and a cotton ball should be dipped in it. Then after hairs should be separated using a comb and ACV should be applied to the length of hairs towards the roots. After ACV is applied all across the scalp, a hot towel should be wrapped around the head and kept for one hour. After an hour, hairs should be rinsed with clean water. This method should be done daily until a month for effectively curing dandruff.

ACV and Water

It is another useful remedy to treat scalp condition effectively. One needs a half cup of lukewarm water, half cup of ACV, a bottle of spray and a shower cap. Lukewarm water shall be pouredinto a medium-sized water bottle, and ACV should be added to it. The mixture shall be stirred homogeneously and then poured into a spray bottle. One needs to make partition of his/her hair and then spray the ACV mix over the scalp and hair. Then after a shower cap shall be worn for about an hour and once the time is completed, the hairs shall be rinsed with warm water and patted dry using a towel. This remedy should be used once a week until dandruff goes off completely.

ACV and Yogurt

Yogurt constitutes protein and vitamin B5 in abundance which is essential for scalp health. Moreover, yogurt possesses ananti-bacterial characteristic which can help one get rid of dandruff completely. A spoonful of ACV and half spoonful yogurt shall be mixed thoroughly and applied on the scalps after shampooing the hairs. The solution should be kept in the hairs for atleast 15 minutes and then washed with clean water. To have effective results, one needs to use the same for almost a few weeks.