These days, there are present different types of shampoos and conditioners which claim to do away with dandruff right from its root level. But this is not the truth. According to studies, dandruff is termed to be a condition which cannot be eliminated completely due to several factors being associated with its development. Such factors are regarded to be the day to day issues which people face combined with the modern syndrome called HLD or ‘Healthy lifestyle deficiency’.

About HLD

HLD tends to include the different methods that are adapted by human beings to live modern life and to overlook the harmful effects it brings forth. For example, residing within an AC room throughout the day can be damaging to the health, especially if the person has to go out in the hot outside, thus exposing the body to changing temperature. Using anti dandruff shampoo and conditioner will help to get the best possible remedy and to enjoy dandruff free hair.

Factors for the cause of dandruff

This lifestyle will prove to be detrimental on the hair and also make it feel weary and dry. It may also lead towards forming of dandruff flakes. Moreover, the diet that is consumed by the person does have an impact not only upon individual health, but also the hair. This is because, hair absorbs nutrition from beneath the scalp through the hair roots. Hence, presence of vital nutrients will depend upon the food that is consumed in the daily diet.

The other factor which increases dandruff is genetic inheritance. This is something that is not known to many people, but dandruff according to medical experts is stated to be passed on to generations.

Increasing pollution is also stated to be another major factor to cause dandruff. Pollution actively impedes the hair’s overall growth, since pollutants tend to clog the scalp pores thus obstructing release of natural oil that is let out by scalp. There is formed flake due to oil being prevented from getting released.

Saving on image

The truth is that those having to go outside to work or for shopping are likely to feel embarrassed if they have dandruff on their hair. As a matter of fact, unhealthy hair is sure to show itself as well as affect the individual’s image negatively and make him/her a laughing stock. This can be avoided by taking adequate measures to provide the hair with the much needed protection that it requires. The hair is to be given sufficient nutrition and this is made possible by using the best shampoo ketomac product.

There are numerous options easily available in the market these days. It will be useful to know the anti dandruff shampoo type to be used that will perfectly suit the scalp and the hair. However, prior to using the shampoo, it is essential  to check out its ingredients, to ensure it is organic and not chemical based one. This way, the hair and the scalp can be protected and once again, the person can enjoy fluff of hair on the head.