The kettlebell has gained popularity over the last few years. It was initially believed that the apparatus was originated in Russia where they tied blocks with handles for smooth movement. The equipment has now proved to be a tool that can be used for an all in one fitness session that will help in developing strength, condition our cardiorespiratory system and build vigor and stabilization.

The kettlebell is a ball that is shaped as an exercise tool with a handle. They are manufactured in various weight sizes, and these days they are made with an adjustable hand that will let you use a pin to change the variations of the weight.

Due to the design, wherein the hand is shifted away from the weight when you perform swings, catch or clean, you must apply a large amount of force with your hips. This workout method is called throwing the bell, even though the there is no actual throw because it does not leave your hand.


Important reasons why a kettlebell should never leave your hand:

Since, the kettlebell should never leave your workout session, here are a few reasons why you need this tool in your workout session.

  1. The most essential is the element of practicality, its ability to be used for toning and cardio. This leads to developing muscle endurance while building power, flexibility, and confidence. It’s a quick way to lose fat, create muscle mass, and reduce stress. No tool can carry out all the functions together.
  1. The apparatus is better than running or lifting bars, its versatility when you swing it between your legs creates an eccentric loading that is a result of the development in the hip extension. The hip extension is vital for workouts like jumping, lunges, running and so on, this serves as a better means for getting the workout you want and the results you desire.
  1. The unique design offers an exceptional quality that is different from generic dumbbells. The design of the kettlebell results in putting in much effort. You can perform the traditional squat, jerk, clean and press. The design of the kettlebell makes sure you increase the flexibility of your muscles. This will not give you any joint pains, bruises and is a killer workout.
  1. This device is an efficient fat burner and weight killer because the movement requires that you use most muscles in your body at the same time. This burns calories faster and is good for strengthening the main muscles like abs, lower back, tilting muscles, and the spine.