Many people scare away from the regular workout because of time unavailability. The idea of undergoing the stress of workout for hours each day is also unattractive to many out there, hence their excuse not to engage in a regular workout. However, the P90X3 is here to give you a second chance if you fall within the category of those who complain about time availability as an excuse for not going through the adequate workout. The workout program takes you through a weight-lifting routine that will make weight lifting very easy for you. With this workout program, you can now release that weightlifting is not as difficult as some want you to believe.

The components of the workout

The workout program is composed of the following components:

  • Endurance Guide and two extra resistance band
  • Nutrition Guide,
  • Pro-Grade Resistance band
  • 3 Extra Extreme Workouts
  • Fitness Guide
  • The Deluxe Kit containing 16 DVDs for Extreme workouts

The various components above will take you through a weight-lifting routine like never before so that you can become muscular in a matter of weeks. However, you need to be consistent with the workout if you must get the desired result from it.

The constituents of the videos

As hinted earlier, the kit for the workout program contains 16 DVDs along with other items. The videos are in different categories, which are:

  • Six muscle resistance building workouts,
  • Three cross training power workouts
  • Three fat burning cardio workouts
  • Four core flexibility and balance workouts

The muscle resistance building workouts will teach you about the following:

  • Total synergistic
  • The challenge
  • Incinerator
  • The warrior exercise routine
  • Eccentric upper workouts

The three cross-training power workouts consist of the following:

  • Agility X routine
  • Triometrics
  • Decelerator

The three fat burning cardio workouts will teach you the following:

  • MMX (Mixed Martial Arts)
  • Accelerator
  • CVX (Cardio Vascular X)

The four core flexibility and balance workouts videos will teach you the following:

  • X3 Yoga
  • Pilates X
  • Isometrix
  • Dynamics

Ease of use    

The P09X3 is a special workout program and it is designed for all categories of end users. It is simple enough to understand and you will not need any special direction on how to follow the program. The simplicity also means you can follow the instructions in this workout program from the comfort of your home. Yes, never again will you have to travel through town in search of a gym.  The fitness guide, endurance guide and nutrition guide included in the program are presented in very simple language that anyone can understand and interpret.

P90X3 will open your eyes to a weight-lifting routine that you have never experienced before. It will simplify the procedure so that you can start seeing the benefits in no time.