It is vital to understand that the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu uses the concepts of leverage as well as suitable techniques that will allow weaker and smaller individuals to fight stronger and bigger opponents.

However, when you enter the class, at first you will notice that strength is something that will dictate and overcome numerous factors.

Even though ideology of Gracie family was to promote the idea that weaker opponent could be victorious, it is still challenging to reach the point where you can take down bigger opponent with ease.

You will not become like Gordon King Ryan right away, but new schools of BJJ have created a few modifications of the technique that will help you nullify the opponent’s strength.

These techniques are more fluid and dynamic, which means that they depend on agility and timing. Still certain strategies will help you become stronger and use your weight and weaknesses against the opponent regardless of size

Choose the Appropriate Position

You should learn specific positions that will help you maintain control against stronger and bigger opponent. This particular concept uses the idea of circumventing opponent’s strengths instead of overpowering them, which is a technique that you should implement in your exercise.

For instance, choose the appropriate guard that will help you stay away. You should choose more open guard, which is way better to maintain and control when compared with closed or half guard, because using them will allow your opponent to use strength and weight on you.

The spider guard is something that will help you learn, and you can check various tutorials online that will help you do it. It is great way of making an open guard so that you can control the opponent and you will push with your feet and biceps to keep him off you.

As soon as you use this particular guard, you will be able to use hips and legs so that you can create valuable coverage. Legs tend to be much stronger than arms, and you will be able to keep up with the opponent.

Another instance is to choose side mount which is way better choice than full mount. This particular position will give your ability to be more mobile, and to enjoy in space you will need to transition to another position with ease.

On the other hand, using full-mount is a risky position especially if you are weaker and smaller than other opponent, because he will be able to sue hips to bridge out and escape.

Use GI

You probably do not realize yet, but gi is much more than a uniform. You can use it against the opponent, and it is great way to control or submit him along the way. If you are weaker and smaller, you can take advantage of opponent’s gi against him.

The idea is to utilize guards such as lapel, lasso and worm that will provide you additional control over opponent and you can rest assured because it will restrict his movements. It may feel that you are trying to rope his limbs, which will make him unable to do anything.

Take the Opponent’s back

You will be able to try anything you want if you wish to defeat a bigger opponent and take him down on his back. That is something that you will be able to do, but have in mind that you can take chances of controlling the opponents back.

As soon as you reach the point of control, you will notice that he will become less mobile, and you will be able to control the upper body as well as hands. That way, you will establish control before submission, and have in mind that as soon as you have the back, you will have wide array of positions that you can utilize to win.