Eyes are always one of the most attracting parts of a person. A person with a wonderful pair of eyes always attracts others. Though the shape of the eye is something which we cannot change, but the color of the lens is what we can change. A person with an extra-ordinary lens always left a mark behind. If you are attending a Halloween party or a rock concert or may be family wedding, coloured contact lenses match up with your attire and help you create a unique look.

The people having myopia and hypermetropia can easily get rid of heavy spaces by using contact lenses. Spaces are kind of extra burden that also create marks on the upper portion of nose. People with high power, may need to wear a heavy glass, which is a problem. Contact lens will help you get rid of that, create a new look of yours without the spaces. Also if you wear a coloured contact lens, it will create a different shade of your look.

By reading upto this, people who have no power, are may be little upset that may be they don’t have the liberty to wear contact lens. But, don’t worry my dear friend, you people with a perfect eye sight, also can wear lens. Both prescribed and plano forms of lenses are available.

People with astigmatism can also get rid of the problem by using contact lens.

Color contact lenses are of three types

  • Visibility tint
  • Enhancement tint
  • Opaque tint

Visibility tint help for betterment of vision and don’t affect much in your actual eye lens color. Normally, blue or green tint are added to the lens.

Enhancement tint are a little darker that visibility ones and help to enhance the look. These lenses are lucent and solid. A person having a light colored eye may use this one to have an intense look.

Opaque tint are the most famous lenses that are used nowadays. Person who wants to change the color of completely use this. Dark colored eye have no other option but this one to use, to change the look as this in a non-transparent kind of lens.

Opaque lens comes in a huge variety, blue, brown, violet, hazel, green, etc.

Now coming to the choice of colored lens, which will suit you? Two things are to be considered are: complexion of your skin and the hair color. Also you should be very clear about your need. If you have a light colored eye, transparent tint are most suited. On the other hand, if you want to change you look totally; give a try to opaque lens.

Brown circle lenses are something that goes with most of the people, whatever is their complexion or hair color. Actually, brown circle lenses come in a different variety with different shades. It looks different and at the same time it looks natural.

Rich chocolate browns, glittering golden, dazzling multi tones, witspiral hurricane, nature-inspired forest are the different shades that are available each with different speciality and one of them will surely match up your need and the fit with your complexion and color.

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