Among the existing pool of four styles (breaststroke, freestyle, butterfly and backstroke), the most difficult way of breathing is freestyle. Safety swimming lessons with breaststroke and butterfly, breathing can be done easily because there are times when the head is entirely above the water surface. Breathing in backstroke is not too difficult because of the head and body facing towards the sky freely. As for the freestyle, the head we can not fully emerged from the water surface. This is what makes breathing in freestyle was more difficult.
But if it is normal, there will be no longer a difficult thing. Take (breathe) breathe in freestyle since we do 2/3 strokes of our hand, and we end at our hands back into the water. We take the example of taking a breather to the left side. At our left hand strokes parallel to the chest, there will be lift on the left side of our body. As a result, the body would be tilted facing to the left side. That’s when we started to take a breather. And the slope of the body by itself will help us in the face could swell up to the surface of the water easily and naturally.

By the time your face again immersed into the water, remove the air with ease from your nose. This will cause the water bubbles coming out of your nose.
Then when we take a breath? For such long-distance swimming 1500 meters, some great swimmers like Grant Hackett taking a breather once every two strokes. This means that only the later one stroke only, and therefore was only breathing on one side only: to the left only or right only. This is one of swimming safety tips
But there are also several swimmers who took one breath every three strokes. This means taking the breath will be done alternately to the left and right. How to breathe as well known as a bilateral breathing. So which one is better between taking a breath to one side or take a breather to the two sides alternately? The answer, love-love you. Do you think is more relaxed, casual, comfortable and suitable for you. So most importantly, you feel comfortable when breathing.
However, many sprint freestyle swimmer (50 meters or 100 meters) are trying their best to hold their breath during the race. They just take a breath when really needed it. This is done to avoid a reduction in speed is usually the case when a freestyle swimmer was taking a breather.


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