Anavar is generically referred to as Oxandrolone. This is one of the most sought after oral steroids by those who conduct first cycles, women, and more experienced athletes and weight trainers for quite some time now. As with the comparison of the steroids available to the date, Anavar can be considered by far the safest of the anabolic steroids available that can be easily used by men and women alike.

However, Anavar has often been accredited and reputed for being expensive. To know the reason behind the demand and the price of the steroid, we should have a glimpse into the history of the steroid. As with the origins, the drugs were first in the markets by 1962. And it was branded under the names of Lonavar, Lipidex, Antitriol, Anatrophil, and Protivar all across the globe. Not only were these steroids used to gain weight, in fact, these were effective in treating illness and infections of many kinds. The steroid was also effective in promoting synthesis of Bone Collagen or increasing the density of the bones. These low densities of bones are common in cases of people with the condition of Osteoporosis. Importantly, these drugs are often considered safe use in multiple health conditions.

 As with the history, Anavar was first designed by G.D Searle & Co Laboratories which I snow called as Pfizer Inc. to treat people who had diseases and the conditions prevailing with disease caused by loss of weight. The reason for the success of the steroid was due to the reason being one of the safest steroids available. Hence, the steroid was used in many conditions that included Severe Burns, Post Operative Trauma and more of the kinds. Anavar is still used medically because of its relatively safe use and lesser-known side-effects.

The dosage of the drug also varies depending on the condition of the individual and then there is also a difference in the dosage due to gender variation. Hence, the high demand for the drug is evident from the prospects of the drug. The demand eventually allows for more pricing on the drugs in the market. But, there are better companies than the rest who gets more benefits out in the markets. So, relying on the better companies is the key to get the better value of the drugs. As with the observations, these steroids work efficiently on Men and Women alike unlike most of the other drugs. However, as with the dosage of Anavar, there is a less dose of drug needed for Women of any age as compared to Men of any age. In the last decade, there have been high demands for the drug due to safety factor associated with the drug Also, in a relative sense to the demand, there are fewer companies associated with the manufacturing part of the drug. All these factors lead to the cause of pricing on the drugs and street prices for Oxandrolone cycles may differ from online. But the future of the need and the demand for the drug might bring down the prices as compared to the recent times.