It is known as diastema and refers to the separation between the teeth, especially between the upper incisors. For many, having separate teeth is complex and hide the smile until a solution is achieved; for others the diastema is even attractive. Be that as it may, in this article we teach you how to disguise your separate teeth.


Although in recent times the dental diastema has become a trend of style and beauty, thanks to mouths as famous as those of Madonna or Vanessa Paradis, who display the separation of their teeth with a rather charming, the truth is that dentists around the world receives thousands of visits a year to try to correct the separation of the incisors and there are several techniques. Petrite dentist Danville helps to conceal separate tooth and prevent from any further pain.

It is common for the diastema to occur in the infantile period, while we change our teeth. The fact is that the size of the pieces of milk and that of the new teeth does not match. However, the usual is that as we grow, our dental distribution will “normalize” until it disappears completely.

If the diastema persists, it is very ostentatious and affects many pieces at the same time, one of the most aided techniques is that of orthodontics. The placement of a dental appliance will correct the problem

If orthodontics is the best solution for you, remember that there are very advanced techniques, such as invisalign or invisible orthodontics that will allow you to correct your teeth without it being noticed that you have a dental appliance.

When the separation between the teeth is small, the specialist can choose to offer you change your dental aesthetic with a simple touch-up with composite. It is the same material they use to seal and correct cavities. In a single session and with a completely harmless procedure, the dentist will close the space between your teeth thanks to the application of this resin.

In larger cases, you can also take advantage of the benefits of using porcelain veneers. With these thin pieces, the dentist will finish your diastema without the need for appliances on the teeth. You should only superimpose on each piece thin enameled sheets. Before you attach them you can, if you wish, choose the tone of your smile and look really white teeth.

The crowns can also serve to disguise the teeth apart, especially if it is also correct most damaged parts. In reality the process is nothing more than the placement of a porcelain sheath on the tooth in question.

8Another more aggressive technique, but equally valid according to the case, would be to use dental implants and in this case it would try to replace the pieces in question by bolts screwed and covered with a porcelain crown.

But while we worry about how to conceal separate teeth, you should know that fashion is now showing diastema and that specialists are already with clients who come to their consultations to have their teeth separated. As you see, it is a matter of taste.