Healthy and beautiful teeth are something that we all want badly. Crooked teeth not only cause people significant psychological unease, they also undermine their self-confidence and deter them from smiling more often.

But did you know that over 90% of people in the world have an uneven gum line? So rest assured that if your teeth leave you wanting more, you are by no means alone in facing this problem.

Luckily, we live in times where literally any dental issue, big or small, can be fixed. Without a doubt, orthodontics is one of the most called for fields of dentistry. Orthodontics in Santa Monica and Beverly Hills are one of the best in the US.

Modern Orthodontics

Why orthodontics?

Despite the fact that the origins of this dentistry filed can be traced back to centuries ago, orthodontics is a relatively young field – and yet it evolves more dynamically than any other. This field studies malpositioned teeth and ways to bring them back to their normal state.

Modern orthodontic treatment offers a great variety of tools, systems and approaches that can be personalized to maximize results in each particular case. Here are some of the most widely used ones.

Fixed orthodontic appliances


Probably the most well-known method of orthodontic treatment, braces are a combination of wires, brackets and bands which are corrected on a monthly basis to properly align teeth.

Fixed space maintainers

These are used to make sure that a permanent tooth has enough space to grow properly and is not moved around by other teeth.

Removable orthodontic appliances

Palatal expander

This device is used to widen a narrow upper jaw. Usually, it is made of plastic.


If you hate the idea of braces (which are mostly metal), you can opt in for a less eye-catching method. Aligners are getting very popular because they are almost impossible to spot and can be easily removed when eating or cleaning teeth.


Used to fix jaw malposition, splints are applied to help the jaws close in the right way. Depending on each case, they can be installed on either upper or low jaw.

Make your dream come true – get perfect teeth

The majority of experts tend to think that the younger the patient, the easier it is to achieve the desired effect from orthodontic treatment. Indeed, younger teeth are more flexible and, overall, it takes less time to fix dental defects.

Whether you need an orthodontic treatment for children or adults, the sooner you take action, the better. Today, it’s extremely easy to have beautiful and healthy teeth – booking a consultation with your orthodontist is the first step.