When a baby learns to walk first time his/her parents are so excited. To grow their interest on walking, parents buy walker for then which can help them to walk while entertaining them. People get various entertainment features in a walker. Some walker contains a mobile set, some has piano where the baby can develop his/her singing skill also. In one word, walker can not only build up baby’s walking capacity but it develops their creativity level too. The another best baby push walker is Melisa & Doug Deluxe Chomp And Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy And Activity Walker.


This product named Melisa & Doug Deluxe Chomp And Clack Alligator Wooden Push Toy And Activity Walker is totally handmade. This is fully made for fun and lots of entertainment. After seeing the customer reviews, it can be said that it is great toy and walker for the babies. It develops the motor skill of the babies not only that it can develop hand to eye coordination.

best baby push walker

There will be many funny things available in this walker. This walkers has wooden green gators and different colours fishes which is animated on the wheels. When the walkers go forward, it looks alive. This activity grows babies interest for walking. This product has wooden handles which is designed with cattails and butterflies. It contains some beads which has a shape of butterfly that can entertain the babies by doing slid and spun. The people who made this walker, maintain the safety features and design the walker by no toxic paints or dyes. The wheel can not slip and handles of walker can be easily gripped. The model no. of this product is 3011. This product is manufactured by Melisa & Doug. The dimension of the product is 38.1×38.1×29.8 cm. This company give no warranty for their products.

Features and Details:

This product first come in the market on 9th Sep 2013. It develops the baby’s motor skill and hand eye coordination. It has several features. They are:

  • This product is made of wood. It has lots of fun activities to encourage the babies while walking.
  • This product is decorated with animals and insects such as alligators, fish, butterfly, ladybugs.
  • When this walker is pushed to and fro, it make a funny noise which can entertain the baby.
  • It is preferable walker those babies who have age 1 or more than that.
  • The wheels are non slipy and the handles are easy to grip. It is made of non toxic dyes. The product can maintain the safety features.


This product has several drawbacks. Before use this products it can be arranged by an adult. Sometimes the paints of the walker will cheap that it is harmful for babies.


This product is really good for babies. The babies get lot of fun from this walker. So they choose it than other products.