Any baby vomiting mucus is a normal situation. They vomit out when their body over produces mucus. But they are not to be ignored. Whenyour baby threw up mucus or vomited it out all that you just fed him, they might be some illness attached to it so keep a track on that.

What causes the baby to throw up mucus?

There is a lotof reason as baby does so. As a small child, he really does not have much control over his body. He does what his body tells him to.

  • Overfeeding: One of the main causes to throw up, is overfeeding one baby. Babies’ have aweak tummy which causes any thing to flow back to the mouth. The valves in the digestive system are weak and donot stop when tummy is full.
  • Gas Tummy: If the child has gas filled in his stomach, it might cause it to take out all the food it just ate just to relieve the gas pressure.
  • Respiratory Illness: If the baby has some respiratory illness like common cold or fever, the body produces mucus which helps in remove bacteria and virus. Which is then thrown out by the body.

Do I need to be concerned about?

Generally, No, there is no need to concern if your baby threw up mucus or vomited it out all after you just fed him. This happens for almost all the kids. It becomes a concern when you child vomits or throws outmucus more than once everyday. Throwing out mucus might be linked to some illness. Check the color of the mucus. If it is green and yellowish, it might be aliver infection, consult your doctor now.

Don’t ignore when you child is throwing out after you feed now and then. If there is a common cold or fever, you child might throw out mucus but at the same time, large mucus might make him choke, so be careful as it might suffocate him. Also, if he throwing every now and then, it will tire him and he might get weak. Consult a doctor to manage them.

How do I stop this?

You need to know the cause of it. If you think this I being caused by overfeeding, change the time of feeding and put a gap between them. Feed a small amount of milk one at a time. This is let to digest them easily.

If it’s from some sickness, it’s better to consult a doctor and check out the condition. It better to be safe than sorry. Always consult the doctor as they know the right way to handle. Don’tignore such conditions as it might lead you to different path and harm you little gem of your life.